Memories are our way of keeping the past alive. Some are so painful we never want to visit them again. But a memory can also be a gift, something we can oper again and again, in order to fill ourselves with happiness. And sometimes a moment becomes a memory the instant it’s happening. Because it is so true, so pure, and so significant you want to capture it forever.

"When I was first offered the role, I had some long discussions with Stan Lee and I was 39 at the time. He told me that he had created the Iron Man comic 39 years ago. So Tony Stark and I were born at the same time. Now if that isn’t a sign of destiny…"

— Robert Downey Jr for ESQUIRE Magazine, May 2014.

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I know I’m a bit behind with vampire diaries but the last 2 episodes of Season 4 made my eyes fill up with tears. I loved seeing Alaric again. I feel for Stefan though. Can’t wait to start season 5 now.

You are not clingy, or needy, or silly for having needs for affection and affirmation and attention within a romantic relationship. Those needs aren’t an embarrassing outgrowth of your low-self esteem or depression or whatever messy emotional issues you may have going on, that’s just basic shit that people need from each other. We of course should not make our partners responsible for meeting all of our emotional needs – it’s not someone’s else’s job to make you happy. But inside a healthy relationship, being able to show affection, pay attention, and demonstrate “you are amazing and important to me” is a pleasure, not some task or burden.

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Elliot Minor are reforming for a one off show and I am 140% going. That is all

Love is what makes you smile when you’re tired.

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It saddens me that children now will grow up too quickly, they will probably not have a bedtime story read to them and have a coloring book, and they won’t play hopstoch outside. Instead they will be playing with technology, technology ruins childhood. Also little girls will want to wear make-up at 10 because of tv programs and magazines.
The world saddens me that people get bullied because of they way they dress, their hair colour, the way they look, they could have the warmest heart and bullies kick them when they are down making them feel worthless.
It saddens me that handwritten letters are not written anymore, it’s all email or Facebook posts. To actually see somebody’s writing, makes me smile. To actually have a piece of writing to show how you feel about somebody.
It saddens me that teenagers just throw the Love word out all over the place. The actual feeling of love is deep and should not be played with.

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Disney night out in Nottingham. #littlemermaid #belle

What I did for Children In Need at work today. #childreninneed


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